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 Creating this Webquest has been a wonderful learning experience!  A special Thank You to       Dr. Debra Davidson, Education Professor at Greensboro College, for teaching me about Webquests, the benifits and how to go about creating one through Questgarden.  Also a thank you for the advice and always being there to answer questions.

Thank you to Dr. Dean Medley of Greensboro College for inspiring me to create a Science driven Webquest.

Thank you to Ms. Penny Stein at Brooks Global Elementary School for allowing me to borrow her copy of Arctic Adventure to use while creating my Webquest.

A thank you to,, and for providing appropriate, interesting, and helpful Arctic related sites that I used in my Webquest.  (The links below will take you to each page used.)


The Arctic Fox


The Polar Bear 1


The Polar Bear 2


The Arctic Hare


Walrus 1


Walrus 2


The Snowy Owl


Caribou 1


Caribou 2


The Musk Ox




Seasons 1 


The weather 

Thank you to for the graphics that I have used in this Webquest.
Sincerely, Paige Dennis


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