Have you read The Last Polar Bear with your teacher?

Have you read it by yourself?

Now you are ready to start!

The Last Polar Bear tells you a lot about the Arctic, but you are going to learn more! 

Here is what you are going to do:

First you will learn more about Arctic. You will use the internet.

Next you will draw a picture of what you learn.

Last you will write 2 sentences about your pictures.


When you are finished you will put your pages together. You will have your very own picture book! This is called a "Picture Encyclopedia."
You will show everyone your work. People will learn about the Arctic because of you!

Here is what you are going to learn about!

All of these animals live in the Arctic region.

You are also going to learn about:

of the Arctic region.


To learn more about the Arctic you will visit websites.

First, you will look at the pictures.

Second, you will read what is on the page.

Third, you will think about what you read.

Last, you will  write 2 sentences about what you learned.


Ready to get started?


Click on the animals. Then click on the seasons and weather.  Find out more about the Arctic!

*Do not forget to write your sentences before you move on!

The Arctic Fox

The Polar Bear 1

The Polar Bear 2

The Arctic Hare

Walrus 1

Walrus 2

The Snowy Owl

Caribou 1

Caribou 2

The Musk Ox


Seasons 1 

The weather 


If you have:

Read The Last Polar Bear

Used the internet to learn more

Written your 2 sentences about each animal, the seasons, and the weather

Then you are ready to start making your Picture Encyclopedia!



Here is what you will need to make your Picture Encyclopedia:


To make your Picture Encyclopedia you will need to:

First, get what you need. 

Second, remember what you looked at and what you wrote.

Third, share something that you learned with your buddy. Make sure to be a good listener.

Fourth, draw and color a picture about each animal, the weather, and seasons.  (Your sentences will help you remember what you looked at!)
Last, write 2 new sentences about the picture you drew.



You should have 10 pages when you finish.

Make sure you have a page for:

  • The Arctic Fox
  • The Polar Bear
  • The Arctic Hare
  • The Walrus
  • The Snowy Owl
  • The Caribou
  • The Musk Ox
  • The Seal
  • The seasons
  • The weather

Now you need to make a cover page.

Make sure it has a title.

Make sure your name is on it.

Now take your papers to your teacher to put together!