by Paige Dennis, Greensboro College

Modified by Lisa Garofolo

Teacher Introduction

This webquest is designed for students in the first grade. It is designed around a Magic School Bus book titled "Arctic Adventure." For this webquest, students will read the book and in turn, create their own picture encyclopedia of the Arctic region and what is found there. Students will each create their own picture encyclopedia by researching the Arctic region and animals that they find within the book. Students will use the internet to research the Arctic region, what animals live in that region and why. Students will include written facts, but mostly describe the arctic, the animals and their habitat, through their pictures. At the end of the webquest the students will paint their favorite animal that they researched, on an art canvas using tempura paint. They will also have the chance to visit another website where they can play games related to what they just learned.  The students may also respond to a writing prompt that is developed from the story and will allow them to reflect on what they have learned: "One day I took a trip to the Arctic with my class. As I stepped off the bus I saw many things." This will be used in a follow up lesson/activity, not necessarily a part of the webquest.



Do you want a way to engage your young students using the internet?  Well this is the way to do it!  It is not usually typical to have students as young as first grade looking at websites for information because of the readability level.  Websites, even if they are designed for children, are not always on an appropriate reading level.  This webquest will use children appropriate websites, but challenge your young students, and help their vocabulary grow.  This webquest will open the eyes of your young students to what they can learn on the World Wide Web. 

In my experience, students are always willing to help.  With this webquest, you can convince your students that you need their help gathering this specific information.  This webquest gives students the confidence that they can help gather infomation while allowing them to explore the internet and be creative.  You as the teacher will love hearing what your students will be learning about and viewing their drawings and final art work.  This webquest allows your students to express themselves while learning.

Are you ready to see what your students can do?