by Marilyn Cook, Port Aransas ISD



You be the curator! Your chance to be an art professional!

How would YOU picture America? Would you use paintings? Would you use crafts? Would you use architecture? Would you use sculpture? Would you use photographs? Would you use a combination of the five?

Ms. Cook and Ms. Martinez need your help! We are bringing an art exhibit to Brundrett Middle School however...we can only bring in 15 pieces of art work. Do you think you could help us select the 15 pieces of art work for our exhibit? You will have 24 images to choose from and you can only choose 15 pieces. We can really use the help! What would you want us to bring in to exhibit? We want you to be the art curator. Not sure what an art curator is? Click here and read and/or listen to the audio so you know what your title means. Ready? Let's go.

(Thank you to the Port Aransas Education Foundation for support of this project. Images and descriptions are taken from the Picturing America project of the National Endowment for the Humanities,