Choose your topics!

Choose five of these items to research!  Once you find the information you need, print out pictures you would like to use for your scrapbook from the websites you find, and be sure to write down any interesting information you would like to include on your page!  You can also draw things in you scrapbook.


You may pick two of these:

What is NH's state flower?

What is NH's state bird?

What is NH's state tree?

What is NH's state moto?

What is NH's state nickname?


Please choose three of these:

What is NH's largest City?

What is NH's capital?

What states does NH border?

What is NH's largest lake?

What is NH's tallest mountain?

How many counties are in NH?  Name them.

Find an image of NH's state flag and tell us about it.

Does NH border any other countries?

Name a few important NH rivers.


Here is a list of useful websites you can use to find the information you need!


State Parks

NH Geography

State Facts

Visiting NH Student Website

NH Geography

NH Flag

NH Map




Now it's time to go back to the classroom and create your scrapbook page!

You'll find small peices of journal paper as well as other supplies.

On the journal paper, you will choose one of the four topics below to write a paragraph about:

1. Write about your town and why you like it.

2. Write about a place you have visited in NH and why it was exciting!

3. Tell us why you like NH. Perhaps you can mention a few of the things you found today.