Step 1

It's time to start investigating the life of Harriet Tubman. Use the links below to find information about her, and use the provided information sheet to keep track of any important events or facts you want to include in your presentation.

Frederick Douglas

Frederick Douglas Timeline

The Life of Frederick Douglas

Frederick Douglas Bio

Frederick Douglas the Abolitionist


You should record any information about Frederick Douglas which you think is important. Find the answers to some of the following example questions:

When was Frederick Douglas born? When did he die?

Was he ever a slave?

If he was a slave, how did he become free?

Why did he help free slaves in the United States?

What made him so famous?

Besides the above questions, think of any other questions you have about Frederick Douglas and then try to find the information in the provided weblinks. Once you feel like you have enough important or interesting facts and information, move to step 2.






Step 2

Get together with your group members and discuss which pieces of information you should use for your presentation. Select at least 10 facts or events to use in your presentation. Use what you feel is the most important to describe Frederick Douglas and the role he played in abolishing, or ending slavery. Also, make sure you have at least 5 events with dates which you can place on the timeline you will create for your poster. 

Step 3

You and your group must create a poster which you will present to the class. On your poster, you should have at least 10 different facts or events involving Frederick Douglas written out. You should also include at least 5 pictures or drawings which illustrate Frederick Douglas and his fight to free all slaves in America. Your poster must also include a timeline with 5 dates and the events which took place on those dates involving Frederick Douglas.