1.  First, you must create your vacation journal. 

Click here to print out your vacation journal.

2. As you follow the travel itinerary below, you will gather information and record it in your vacation journal.

Travel Itinerary

Day 1  

Today, you arrive in the beautiful country of Mexico.  Look around and tell us what you see.  Use the following map to tell about your location.

Click here for a map of Mexico.

Click here for information about Mexico.

Click here to learn about and print out Mexico's flag you may color for your presentation.

Day 2

 Today was an exciting day!  As you were visiting Mexico City, the president, Vicente Fox, came out of the National Palace to greet visitors!  You got to shake his hand and talk to him.  Write what you learned about the president of Mexico in your journal.  

Click here to learn about President Fox.

Click here to go to the National Palace in Mexico City. 

 Day 3

Today was also very exciting!  You went to the town of Lienzo to see a charreria, a Mexican rodeo.  You met some very interesting charras and charros, cowgirls and cowboys.  Write about someone you met in your journal. 

Click here to meet real charras and charros and here their family stories.

Click here to learn about the nine events in charreria.

Day 4

You had a translator with you that helped you understand Spanish.  You even got to practice some simple Spanish words.  Write some Spanish words and their English meanings.

Click here to translate an English sentence into Spanish.

Click here to learn many Spanish words.

Day 5

Today you had some excellent Mexican food at a local taco stand!  Write about your favorite Mexican dish, how it is prepared and how what you like about it. 

Click here to visit the taco stand.

Day 6

As you were walking down the street, you heard exciting music that made your heart pound.  You followed the music into a local restaurant.  There you heard a mariachi band playing traditional Mexican music.  Wite about the music you heard.

Click here to learn about Mexican mariachi music.

Click here to hear mariachi bands.

Click here to hear Los Folkloristas.

Day 7

Today your family lets you choose where you want to go and what you want to do.  Explore Mexico and write about something interesting you learn on your own.

Click here to explore on your own.

Click here for more sites to explore.

Day 8

You're back home!  As you prepare for your class presentation, you have time to reflect on what you've learned.  Write about the similarities and differences between life in Mexico and your life.

Day 9

Now that your vacation journal is complete, you will use the information gathered to create your own class presentation of Mexico.  Your presentation must include information about the location and demongraphics of Mexico, government, people, language, food, and music as well as similarities and diferences of life in Mexico to your life. 


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