by Jennifer Cabana, University Of Phoenix Online
Maegann Lonnquist, University Of Phoenix
Daniel Mullins, University Of Phoenix
Marci Stern, University Of Phoenix Online

This webquest will explore Elizabethan England and the world of Shakespeare's famous play, Hamlet.



You are reading Hamlet by William Shakespeare. This is the single most often produced play in history and Hamlet is the most popular role among actors, but do you undersrand the plot of the play? This play discusses many controversial philosophical, moral and ethical issues relating to loyalty and trust of family and friends.

Elizabethan life was harsh and brutal. Through exploring this webquest and completing two of the assigned projects you will begin to see how people lived. You will also learn about the birth of the theatre as entertainment, how the theatres operated, who wrote the plays and why, and how the plays were staged.

This webquest will also help you to deeply explore the fundamental questions that Hamlet asks in the play and how he answered them, or at least attempted to. Hamlet was a complicated young man with a very messy problem.  He comes from the ultimate dysfuctional family. How does he overcome it?

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