Hi Everyone

Before we get started we need to break into small groups of  four people. Once the groups are established each member of the group will research the following websites to gather information on 5 different inventors and their inventions for your exhibit. From this list of inventors  you will be choosing the four inventors that you as a group feel have made the greatest contributions to society through his or her invnetion(s).

Next, within your team, develop some rules for selecting the specific inventors for your exhibit. What qualities do they need to have? What should you be sure to include because it will interest your audience?

Now, read through the Information Sheets and using your criteria narrow the list of inventors down to 10 people.

Decide together as a team on the greatest four inventors of all time.

Each group member will take one of the inventors and write a biographical essay for use in the exhibit

Now that you have done your research and written your essays, you are now ready to design your PowerPoint presentation of your inventors exhibit for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

You will need to gather pictures of the four inventors that you have chosen and their inventions, these will be used in your presentation.

Your presentation shoud have a theme, and a design scheme. These should be pleasing to the eye and interesting to grab the attention of the museum curators.

You need to have at least 10 slides.

The slides should include the following written portions as well as graphic displays

  1. A brief introduction of each inventor
  2. A brief description of each invention and its contribution to society
  3. The reason why you as a group chose the inventors to be included in this exhibit.
  4. A paragraph or two on why the Museum should choose your exhibit design.