1. Look at your paper it is soft it comes from the tress first but actually the tree is very ruff.Usually when they cut down tree they very fast plant a new tree in the place of the old one. But cutting down a tree takes several steps first they have to find tree that is old enough and is not to young then they can go ahead and cut that down. 




2. Then when they get the tree they cut it and make it into small pieces. They do this soit easier to make the paper softer. They make the paper softer because then it is easier to write on it and also sometimes they change the thickness of the paper because some people need thicker paper to write on then very soft paper. 




3. Then they add special chemicals and dies to change the paper and make it soft. The special chemicals are usually industrial dies and washes which get add to the paper. At this point the paper looks very soft and kind look like fired eggs. But that is actually the paper coming together. 




4. Finally what you are drawing on now is the finished product which is your paper. And many people around the world enjoy the use of paper. IF it was not for that inventor we would all be lost. 




5. After people use there paper it usually ends up begin used again.  And the process of changing the used paper is done again . 

6. This video show how paper is made and what steps it go through. Such as different chemicals begin add to the paper and how the mixture changes into paper. 

Click Here to See the Movie

And in short