Step 1:

In your wagon teams, each member needs to choose who they are going to be on this journey.  This includes name, occupation, age, and any other details.  Try and have a variety of roles in your wagon team so you will have many different perspectives on your trip.

Example: My name is George.  I am a 45 year old doctor.  I am traveling out west with my wife and 5 children. 

At this time, start researching your role and general information about the Oregon trail.  The websites below are a good place to start. (scroll down to Oregon Trail)




 Step 2:

Now that you are organized in your wagon teams, it is time to map out your path westward.  As a team, you need to decide on 5 points of interest along the Oregon trail that you want your team to stop at.  The first point has to be your jumping off place from Missouri and the last point has to be at the end of your journey, but the middle 3 stops could be anywhere along the Oregon Trail.  Use these resources to get ideas and information about different points of interest along the trail.


Once you have chosen your 5 points of interest to stop at during your journey, work as a team using kidspiration to create a map showing your stops.  You should use the map below.


Right click on the map and paste the picture into kidspiration.  Then, indicate on top of the map with stars, dots, or other clear markings where your points of interest are on the trail.  (If the points you chose are not already listed on the map just put the marking to the closest guess of where it is on this map)  Next to each point, also include a small picture of what the site looks like.  

An example of a map could look similar to this, but with different stops.     




Step 3:

Now that your team has a map of their travels and 5 points of interest along the way, you are ready to describe some of your experiences along the Oregon Trail.  This part of the project is done individually, but you build off of the team work done in Steps 1 and 2.  For each of the points chosen as a team, you will write a journal entry about that site and what you are experiencing on the trail at that time.  

Each journal entry needs to be:

Remember!  In these journals, you are speaking through your chosen character as if you were actually on the trail.

You can use these resources, your textbook, and other books in the classroom to find out more information:


Point of Interest 1:

This is your jumping off point for your Oregon Trail adventure.  In your journal, address the following questions:

1.   Who you are on the trail? (Remember this was decided during Step 1)

2.  Why did you decided to travel westward on the Oregon Trail?

3.  Why are you leaving from this particular place?

4.  What are some worries as you are about to start your trip?

5.  What are some of the items you are taking with you?


Points of Interest 2, 3, and 4:

These are your middle points of interest on the trail.  In your journal for each of these, address some of these questions:

1.  Why did you stop at this particular place?

2.  Have there been any hardships on the trail so far?

3.  What are you doing while at this stop?

4.  What have been your feelings and experiences so far?


Point of Interest 5:

This is your ending point on the Oregon Trail.  In your journal, address these questions:

1.  Why did you choose to end your journey here?

2.  What are your plans now that your trip is over?

3.  About how long did the whole trip take?

4.  What are you experiencing now that you have finally finished your travels?

5.  What are your thoughts on your journey?  Any regrets on leaving your home?