Kick off activity!

In your small group, express your position about cell phones and iPods in school. Do you think students should be allowed to have cell phones and iPods during the school day? Why or why not? Be sure to support your position with 3 reasons. Be ready to share with the class.


"Persuasive Strategies" PowerPoint

View the PowerPoint and take notes in your journal. 



Persuasive Strategies power point.ppt

"Stand Up! Hands Up! Pair Up!"

After video to share your notes with others and ask each other questions.


Technique #1  

Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning is...


    Our school doesn't allow students to carry bookbags to classes. That just doesn't make sense! First of all, bookbags are made to CARRY BOOKS. Every student I know carries books and binders to class. Most students walk with a pile of books and supplies. Things fall on the floor, and students dump their things on the floor when they get to class. Bookbags would make it easier for students to manage their things as they move from class to class. It just makes sense!                              


Now YOU try it:


Your school doesn't allow students to have water bottles in class. Choose a position on the issue. Work with a partner to support your opinion with logical reasoning. Happy Thinking! :)






Technique #2  

Emotional Appeal

The person who is persuading will try to make the audience feel something. If the author can get you to feel emotion, you'll pay more attention. He or she will have a better chance of persuading you.

Group Discussion:

What commercials or advertisements have you seen that use emotional appeal to persuade? Have you seen posters or other examples of this technique? Share with your group.





Watch the Disney World and St. Jude's Hospital commercials. Answer the question for thinking in your journal:

Disney Commercial  

St. Jude's Hospital

How did the author or creator of the advertisement use emotional appeal to convince the audience? Explain with details from the commercial.




Technique #3

Cause and Effect

Brainstorm and discuss the harmful effects of smoking with a partner. Use the cause and effect graphic organizer to discuss various effects of smoking.

cause and effect organizer.doc

 View the posters and persuasive "Anti Smoking" advertisments.  








Review magazines to find other examples of advertisements that use cause and effect to persuade consumers.


Together with your group, create a flyer that uses cause and effect to persuade the audience.




Technique #4


McDonald's uses the phrase "I'm Lovin' It" and repeats it again and again in commercials and ad campaigns. 

The "Got Milk" campaign repeats the same message in posters with celebrities to persuade people to drink more milk.


 Questions for Thinking: 

Why does McDonald's use the same phrase over and over? How does the repetition of the phrase "I'm Lovin' It" persuade people to choose McDonald's? 

Geico commercials repeat the phrase, "15 minutes can save you 15% or more on your car insurance".  Do you think this is an effective way to persuade people to call Geico?  Why or why not?