1. What are the states of matter?  Complete this activity: Does it matter  and

Learn about the states of matter using this url: The States of Matter

Watch this video on the states of matter.

Write at least 4 sentences to tell about what you learned in your “Word” document.   



Heat and Temperature

What do you already know about “energy”?

1. Take an online pretest.   DOE   Write a few sentences in your word document saying how you did on the pretest. 

2.  Write a definition in your own words of what you think “heat” is in your word document

3. Click on this question: What is Heat and What Causes It?  Scan over the whole page, making sure that you scroll to the very bottom and read the Summary to answer the question "What is heat and what causes it?, then list and define 4 different types of energy.  Last, complete this activity on “energy facts”: Energy Facts



Now work with this activity:  on heat transfer

4.  Learn about heat transfer.  Do this activity on energy transfer.  Stop at “Radiation emitted by objects”.  Write about what you learned.

5.  Heat, heat, heat!  What about temperature?:  Read all of the 1st page only, do the activities on temperature.  Write about what temperature and explain what absolute zero is. (3-5 sentences) 

6.  Scan this article for any questions that you may have.

7.  Thermogram Heaven!  Take a peek at the   Animals galore!   Look at enough animals so that you can write a 2-3 sentence summary!

Energy Resources +

1. Create a computer made chart of “renewable” and “nonrenewable” resources.  Include in your chart list at least one advantage and one disadvantage of each energy source .  First watch this this video.


Use these urls to help you.

                       DOE                          Fact Monster

Use this information (urls) in “Microsoft Word” and write a definition in your words of potential energy, kinetic energy, renewable resources and nonrenewable resources.

2. Take time now to read an online fictional story.  Write a 3-4 sentence summary of the story in your Word document {enjoy}    [read for at least 10 minutes] 

                             Devoured by the Dark

3. Now that you know a little about all the energy resources, chose one to do a detailed researched study about.  Create a 3-5 frame “PowerPoint” or “PhotoStory3” on the most important aspects of the source that you chose.  Remember to take notes as you are doing your research!


Resource 1                                           Resource 2

Resource 3                                                           

4.  Choose one scientist who worked in the field of “energy” and create a computer generated brochure about him/her

                Pick Me!                     

5. Choose an area from the database listed below and create a bar graph or line graph using Microsoft Excel.  Make at least five (6) comparisons on your graph. 


Database Information


Database Information 2

 6. Take one of these tests to see how much you have learned about “energy”

                                 Test 1                                          Test 2