Step 1

Click on the green links to the different videos. While watching the videos take notes and answer, but don't limit yourself, to the following questions:


Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency

  1. Why was Andrew Jackson one of the most controversial presidents in history?
  2. Why don't African Americans feel he is one of the best presidents?

Reinventing the Presidency 

  1. Who did Andrew Jackson think should elect the president?
  2. Where does the saying "To the victor, goes the spoils" come from?
  3. What weapon did Jackson use to manipulate Congress?

Indian Removal

  1. What was Jefferson's vision of America?
  2. In what ways did the Cherokees take Jefferson’s advice?
  3. Why, despite following Jefferson's advice, were the Cherokees removed?
  4. While Jackson hoped to be called "Great Father" by the Cherokees, what name did they actually use?

Cherokee Nation appeals to Supreme Court

  1. What did the Cherokees do to fight removal?
  2. How did Jackson respond to the Supreme Court's decision?

Bank Wars

  1. Why did Andrew Jackson dislike the Bank of the United States?
  2. What did Jackson feel was the problem with corporations?

Nullification, Part I

  1. With what problem was John C. Calhoun obsessed?
  2. What difficulties did southern planters and slaveholders face?
  3. What was nullification?

Nullification, Part II

  1. What did Jackson say at the Jefferson birthday celebration? What was his stance on nullification?
  2. How did Jackson attempt to solve the nullification issue?
  3. What did Jackson argue in his proclamation?
  4. How was a civil war finally averted?


Step 2 

Create a Comparison Chart like the one below. With your partner list the positive and negative actions of Andrew Jackson during his presidency. You are trying to decide whether or not Jackson should be inducted into the Presidents' Hall of Fame and you need facts to support your opinion.

Jackson pros and cons graphic organizer.doc 



Step 3

Using the writing process (graphic organizer, rough draft, and final draft), write a persuasive letter to the American Historical Association about whether or not to induct Andrew Jackson to the Presidents' Hall of Fame.

 Persuasive Letter Format.doc


Address your letter to:

American Historical Association
400 A Street Southeast
Washington, DC 20003