by Grant Paxton, Waynesburg University

Speak Now, or Forever Hold Your Peace is an activity that will help students develop their public speaking skills. In this activity, students will analyze 'Speak' and gain insight on what makes a well-thought-out, true, and confident speaker.


   Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson, follows the story of a girl named Melinda.  Melinda had trouble with the transition from middle school to high-school and had difficulty fitting in.  The title 'Speak' represents Melinda's difficulty in telling someone an unfortunate occurance that took place during a party- rape.  This unfortunate event can be covered up by many inner feelings and it is sometimes difficult to share occurances and fellings with other people.  This online lesson title: SPEAK NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE, relates to Melinda's story and will help teach students how to do exactly what Melinda had trouble with-how to SPEAK.  

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking to an anti-Vietnam war rally at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul on April 27, 1967. Detroit will host the 4th annual MLK Day march and rally on Jan. 15, 2007. (Photo by St. Paul Pioneer Press). by Pan-African News Wire Photo File

Speak up, make your voice heard by HowardLake