by Kimberley Kokernot, Magness Creek Elementary

In a quest to identify who stole Roxy the science lab hamster, students will develop a hypothesis based on prior knowleddge and observations (NS.1.4.8). They will identify patterns and trends in data (NS.1.4.10) in order to narrow down the suspects and will generate conclusions based on evidence (NS.1.4.11).


Roxy the hamster has gone missing. When the science lab teacher arrived at school on Monday morning, Roxy's cage was empty. Upon close examination, the teacher noticed several fingerprints on Roxy's cage and several muddy footprints leading into the classroom. A half eaten candy bar was laying near the cage.





Crime Scene Report:

Mrs. Jones, the science lab teacher, discovered Roxy's empty cage on Monday morning at 7:35. Mrs. Jones said she is pretty sure that the door was locked when she left school on Friday. The door was unlocked when Mrs. Jones arrived at school on Monday morning. After finding the empty cage, Mrs. Jones gathered the following evidence:



The Principal - Ms. Whiddon 

Height: 5'6"

Shoe Size: Women's 7

Fingerprint Type: Whorl

Ms. Whiddon has a master key that can open all of the doors in the school. She is known for having a sweet tooth and loves chocolate. She wears high heeled shoes every day and stays at school until everyone is gone for the day. She used to have a pet hamster, but said that she hasn't taken care of one in years. Mrs. Whiddon said that over the weekend she was visiting her mother who lives out of town.

The Custodian - Miss Glenda

Height: 5'8"

Shoe Size: Women's 9

Fingerprint Type: Single Loop

Miss Glenda has a master key that can open all of the doors in the school. She has three children that love hamsters. Her children love chocolate. She stays after school to help clean up. She loves animals. Miss Glenda said that over the weekend she was camping with her children and was not at the school.

Student #1 - Kendall

Height: 4'5"

Shoe Size: Women's 5

Fingerprint Type: Double Loop

Kendall is a third grade student, and her mother is the Assistant Principal. Her mother has a master key that can open all of the doors in the school. Kendall frequently helps Mrs. Jones take care of Roxy after school. She also loves chocolate. Kendall said that she had a basketball game over the weekend and spent a lot of time doing homework.

Student #2 - Jaylin

Height: 5'0"

Shoe Size: Women's 5

Fingerprint Type: Single Loop

Jaylin is a fourth grade student. She took care of Roxy over spring break, and said that she really enjoyed having a pet for a week. Her parents will not let her have a pet. She enjoys spending time outside and playing in the woods near her house. She lives two blocks away from school.