Your first set of tasks.

1. You will be given a Light title page to glue into your science book. You are to colour it in. Click here to get you light fantastic title page.

2. You will have a class discussion on what you think physicists are? What is light and why it is so important? Does light travel in straight lines? How does light reflect? The responses you give to these questions will be put into wordle The teacher will assist you in starting this. The link to wordle is here:

3. Your first experiment allows you to explore why we need light and is it important? This experiment will be done in small groups, during morning rotations. You will need to print the page and glue it into your science book and complete the task. Click here to get the worksheet and instructions. 

Your second set of tasks.

4. These two small tasks will assist you in the understanding of reflections and refractions. After completing these 2 activities, you are to document and reflect on your findings in your science book.

Task 1: Where are you?

Can your reflection be here one moment, then gone the next?

Follow these 5 steps to see what happens and lets see what happens!

1. Use scissors to cut kitchen foil. You will need it to be 25cm long and be careful not to tear it. The foil must stay smooth.

2. Look at your reflection on the shinny side of the foil. It wont be perfect, but you'll see yourself quiet clearly.

3. Scrunch the foil into a loose ball. Don't press it together to tightly because you'll have to flatten it out again.

4. Flatten out the ball of foil.

5. Look at your reflection. What do you see?


Wondering why?

Task 2: Refraction in Action.

How to bend light.

1. You will need to get either a straw, pencil or any long thin object. You also need a clear glass/ cup.

2. Put the object into the glass and pour water in the glass. You only need to half fill the glass.

3. With the glasss on the table, look at the glass on the same level as the table.

4. It should look as if your straw or pencil is cut in half and the pieces don't quiet match up.

Whats happened: Refraction is in action here. It also happens when you use your glasses, a camera or a magnifying glass. The lenses change the direction of the light.

Wondering why?

5. You will  complete this expereiment which will help assist you in seeing how light travels in straight lines and that you need mirrors to help you in reflecting light and seeing around objects. A teacher or adult may need to be pressent to assist with this activity. You will need to click here to follow the experiment.

Your third set of tasks.

6. Click onto these links to have a look at different games and resources which make learning about light a lot of fun. There are some great definitions which can explain light in a awesome way.

7. To see how much learnt on light there is a quiz for you to take. There is nothing on the quiz which you won't know. You will do great. Click here to get the quiz. Please print it out and write your name at the top of the page!