Go to the following website and read a brief overview of the events that led to the witch trials.   

Brief Overview of the Salem Witch Trials


Pretend that you are a teenager living in Salem, Massachusetts.  Go to the following websites and read about the different events that are described.  

After viewing each website, write specifically about the way these scenarios make you feel in your journal.  Some starter questions are listed below to help you get started with this.  

1) FAQ's About the Salem Witch Trials   

2) The Trial of Martha Corey

3) The Trial of Rebecca Nurse (This is a transcript of hand-written notes taken during the trial.  Some of the writing would have been difficult to decipher so read closely and use context clues to determine what may not make complete sense.)

4) Life in Salem in 1692 (After reading this brief introduction, please click on the links at the bottom of the page and read the information on these pages.) 


Pick a side! You must answer the following questions in a 2-3 paragraph response (typed, Times New Roman, 12 point font):

Print this paper and turn it in to your teacher before moving on to the third stage of this WebQuest.

  OR ?


A neighbor has told you in secret that there is going to be a petition at the Courthouse in Salem during the last scheduled witch trial.  He says that many people are upset about the ways that these trials are being conducted and believe that some of the evidence being used against people is unfair and may even be falsified. He wants to know what you think...

You have already done your research and chosen a side. Now, it is time to defend what you believe in!  You are to work with your partner (to be assigned by your teacher based on your choices in stage 2) to create your very own picket sign.  

You must meet the following requirements to receive full credit for your work: 


Here are some examples of picket signs that have been used in protests throughout the country.