The students who will complete this WebQuest will be in a Social Studies class in grades 6-8.  It is designed for students of all learning abilities and includes step-by-step instructions to ensure that all students can complete the WebQuest with little to no assistance.  The tasks included in this WebQuest are intended to allow the students to share their newly acquired knowledge and comprehension through writing as well as through the creation of simple artistic pieces.

Appropriate Grade Level: 6-8

Pre-requisites: Students need to know how to use a computer to navigate websites. Students also need to know how to compose short written persuasive pieces.

Learner Differences: Students may be allowed to work with a partner while reading through the various websites in this WebQuest if they struggle with reading and comprehension.  There are many pictures included in an effort to appeal to visual learners and to help set the tone of the WebQuest for students who may not completely grasp the true tragedy of the events that happened.