by Deirdre Conway

Here the students learn information about Key West such as the history, things to do there, the weather, and places to stay and then they write a persuasive essay encouraging their friend to come visit. They will also make a poster to show pictures of the beautiful Key West!

Teacher Introduction

I think that this webquest is very appropriate for students to be given the opportunity to explore their own interests and then write about it. It is necessary to teach them this topic because it helps them with their writing skills as well as integrating social studies into English. They will be learning new information about Key West and then practicing their writing skills to show off what they learned. This webquest is part of a learning cycle that deals with writing essays for English and the unit we are  on is persuasive writing. They have already learned how to make their sentences persuasive and they have seen and read other persuasive writing pieces now it is their turn to create their own and learn some new information along the way!

The students will be spending...
1-2 days working with WebQuest 
2 days writing their essays and finish what they do not have done for homework.
2 class periods to present their essays.

Following their presentations the students will present their posters and tell how they think they persuaded their friend to visit Key West!

Students will have the next class period moving to writing persuasive essays on different cultures and states.
Then they will be learning about different countries and writing in their journals.