by Tiffany Holiday, Arroyo Vista
Katie Jarrett, SDSU
Windi Whitson, Hilltop Elementary

This is a time capsule WebQuest that will focus on artifacts from early America as they pertain to first-graders. We will be addressing aspects of school, transportation, clothing, and technology of long ago. The students will become experts in these various aspects and be able to educate their peers on them.




Today, you will be going on a time-traveling adventure! You will be guided through four time periods and visit homes and schools of long ago. You will see a lot of artifacts that made life easier long ago and notice how things are different and the same as life today. This time-traveling adventure will help you appreciate what we have today. It will also allow you to see how your ancestors may have lived. 



Artifacts - things that tell about the past.        

 Ancestors - family members who lived long ago.

Differences - what is different (not the same).          

Observations - what you see

Similarities - what is the same.       

Technology - tools that make your life easier, such as cars, washing machines, and telephones.

 Transportation the way people get from place to place, like cars, planes, or walking.

T-Chart - helps organize your observations (what you see) into notes.


Venn Diagramhelps you compare (what is the same?) and contrast (what is different?) information.