There are three steps you will need to do throughout this WebQuest. This will take five to ten days to complete.



Step ONE

Use the following websites to define names and terms:



George Washington

Benedict Arnold

Thomas Paine

William Howe

The Continental Congress

Paul Revere

Red Coats



Nathaniel Greene

Salem Poor

John Paul Jones

John Adams

Haym Solomon

John Andre

Ann Bates

John Burgoyne

Benjamin Church

Sir Charles Cornwallis

George III

“Miss Jenny”

Marquis de Lafayette



Step TWO



Create a time line of these events (using specific dates). Define each event in a few sentences.




Stamp Act of 1765

The Boston Tea Party

Declaration of Independence

Quartering Acts

Townshend Acts

Battle of Bunker Hill

Fort Ticonderoga

Sugar Act

Battle of Princeton

Battle of Trenton

Battle of Lexington and Concord

Battle of Princeton

Battle of Monmouth

Battle of Yorktown

Battle of Trenton


Battle of Saratoga

Washington crosses the Delaware

France enters the war

Treaty of Paris

U.S. Constitution

Declaration of Independence








Choose a person from the Revolutionary War. You will write the journal using Microsoft word.

 In the journal, you must write as the person you chose from the American Revolution. 

 Use at least at least five terms that have defined in step one.

Use at least five of the events from your timeline in your journal. You must use exact dates.



Complete fIVE to ten journal entries





You can be:

1.  A solider (British or American)

2. Important war leader (British or American)

3. Important woman in the war

4. Native American leader

5. A spy

6. An Ordinary person who lived during the war.