by Gillian Whiteman, Newbury Park High School

Students will be creating a "Survival Manual" Power Point presentation. This manual will describe the essentials of survival on a deserted tropical island. They will be researching, on-line, several different websites that will help them gather information for the individual sections.


As an introduction to our unit on Lord of the Flies by William Golding, you will be pretending that you have crash landed on a deserted tropical island and have lived to tell the tale! 

It is the 1930’s and you and your schoolmates had to be evacuated from the country because of a horrible civil war.  While your plane was in flight over the Atlantic Ocean it encountered severe turbulence and crash landed on an uninhabited island. You and your classmates survived the crash, but the pilot and co-pilot did not.  After you safely got off of the plane, it erupted into flames, thus leaving you with only the clothes on your back. You do not have a lighter, knife, glasses or cell phone with you.  You were able to survive on the island because of several key strategies that you implemented that led to your rescue. 

Once you and your classmates returned to civilization you were bombarded with requests from the media for interviews.  This then led to a request from a well-known wilderness company for you to write a survival guide outlining the necessary steps you took that led to your survival and ultimate rescue.  You and your classmates accept the challenge and now are ready to begin creating a “Survival Manual”.