These are your tasks. All work can be completed on your Instrument Families Checklist:

  1. You will visit websites to help you learn about the four Instrument Families. Using Inspiration 7.5, you'll make a web of the Instrument Families.
  2. You will listen to the four Instrument Families in an orchestra.
  3. You will choose a favorite Instrument Family that you want to learn more about.
  4. You will list 4 instruments in that particular Instrument Family.
  5. You will identify 2 characteristics of your Instrument Family.
  6. You will select 2 instruments to research from your chosen Instrument Family. You will play a game and describe your instruments according to pitch, etc. 
  7. You will place your instruments in the orchestra where they belong. You will also have an opportunity to design your own orchestra using the four Instrument Families.
  8. You will assume the role of a Music Critic and listen to musical selections and tell us how the music made you feel and how you might apply it to one of your projects.

Before you begin, watch this presentation about the Instrument Families.