by Alicia Angle, Sinarmas World Academy

In this webquest, first graders will explore similarities and differences between life today and life in the past (Grade One CA History and Social Science Content Standard 1.4).


Think about your mom and dad...your grandparents...their grandparents!  They lived a long time ago, around the year 1900!

What do you think your great great grandmother (or grandfather) was like when she was your age? What was her life like?  What is like yours, or different?  

Imagine that you could go back in time and become your great grandmother or grandfather's best friend in the year 1900!


Where do you go to school?  How do you get to school everyday?  Do you have a uniform?


What do you do for fun after school?  There's no video games, so what do you play?


What does your house look like?  Do you have to do a lot of chores?


You can find out all these things and more in this WebQuest where you'll compare

life today and in the past.