by Sibby Kruse, Powers Center

This WebQuest will help high school students understand their personal hearing loss, all the components of a hearing test, and how it is reported on the official Audiological Report.

Teacher Introduction

 Knowledge is power.  Helping students have a better understanding of their hearing loss gives them knowledge, and the power that comes with that will help them to become a better self-advocate.  One of the goals as a teacher working with hearing impaired students is to help them develop advocacy skills to ask for accommodations and modifications they need to be successful in school, work and the community.  This WebQuest is designed to let students discover and reflect on the impact of each one's unique hearing loss.  Some students may try to deny any difficulties associated with his hearing loss.  Learning about his own audiological report, may help him "see" his hearing loss in black and white.  Being able to understand an audiological report is a life-long skill all hearing impaired individuals need to monitor their hearing loss.