by Jason Jeong, University of North Texas
Alexandria Neeley, University of North Texas
Yesenia Sanchez, University of North Texas

The journey of a plankton named Plankton and his two friends as they explore normal, over, and underpopulation in the worlds oceans.


Welcome to the wonderful underwater world you are about to explore! First, let me introduce you to a couple friends of mine, a group of rambunctious plankton. There is Plankton, Boardton, and Stickton. They each live in different oceans around the world and each ocean is very different from the others. In Plankton's home ocean, Pineapple Sea, there is a perfect number of each animal. In Boardton's home ocean, Coconut Sea, there are way to many plankton and not near enough whales! In Stickton's home ocean, Crabby-Patty Sea, he is very lonely, there are very few plankton left and way to many whales! Explore these plankton's world by looking through the "Process" section.


                       Boardton                             Plankton                               Stickton