What is Respect?

Being thoughtful and considering the feelings of others.

Behaving in a polite way towards others around you.
  • Write the definition for respect in your Word Study Notebook.

How can you show respect?

You should greet someone when they enter the room.

You can speak politely to others when having a conversation.

By listening to others when they speak and waiting until they finish before offering your own thoughts.

Can you think of any other ways to show respect?


Stewart's Shopping Trip

See if you can find things Stewart could do to better show respect.

Stewart went to the store with his mother. He always liked to shop for groceries. When they walked in the door, a lady smiled at them. Stewart's mother knew the lady and they began to talk. Stewart did not want to wait any more. He jumped up and down. He rattled the shopping cart. He yelled at his mother "Stop talking! I want to shop now!"

Stewart's mother asked him politely, "Please wait a moment, Stewart. I am speaking to my friend. We will shop in a moment." Stewart puffed out his cheeks and curled out his lower lip. He crossed his arms and stomped on the floor. "I will not wait." He said in an angry voice. Since his mother was still talking, Stewart had to wait. As promised when his mother said goodbye to the lady, she and Stewart began to shop.

On the list were vegetables. Stewart didn't like vegetables and said so each time his mother picked one up. Stewart wanted fruit, so his mother looked over the fresh fruits. Stewart wanted apples. His mother found some nice juicy apples and put them in the cart. Stewart smiled and said, "Thank you, Mommy." His mother smiled and said, "You're welcome, Stewart."

They continued to shop. When it was time to buy a box of cereal, Stewart chose a sugary chocolate cereal. His mother knew it was not very good for him and suggested a nutritious cereal that was also chocolaty. Stewart cried and yelled. He held onto the cereal He had picked and fell on the floor. His mother finally put the good cereal in the cart. She asked Stewart to please stand up, but Stewart was too busy screaming to hear her. Finally, when people were standing in the aisle staring at Stewart on the floor, He stood up and put the cereal back. Stewart knew his mother was right.

It was time to check out and pay for the food. Stewart stood quietly with his mother. They were in an aisle with no candy on display. Stewart wanted a candy for being good. His mother told him no candy. Stewart ran to the next aisle to look at the candy. He pushed a little boy out of hi way so he could see better, He began to cry. Stewart's mother took his arm. She asked him to leave the candy and come back to the cart. His mother needed to pay for their groceries, Stewart really wanted a candy. He puffed out his cheeks and curled out his lower lip. He crossed his arms and stomped on the floor. "I will not go." He said in an angry voice. His mother smiled at the mommy in line and asked if she would watch Stewart for a moment. The lady smiled and said she would. Stewart knew his mother had to pay for the groceries, but he didn't want to leave without his candy. He heard his mother talking to the cashier in the next aisle. Stewart pretended not to hear when his mother called to him. Stewart didn't want to leave. He wanted his candy. Stewart's mother came to take Stewart by the arm again. Stewart stood and made an angry face at his mother. Finally, Stewart stomped away to leave the store. Stewart didn't help his mother put the groceries into the car. He buckled into his car seat, puffed out his cheeks and curled out his lower lip. He crossed his arms. When all the groceries were in the car, his mother drove him home.


Think about...

Was Stewart Respectful?

How could Stewart have shown more respect to the people around him?

Do you think Stewart's mother liked taking Stewart to the store?

Would you want to go to the store with Stewart?

Is Stewart someone you would want to be friends with?


Your class is going to work on the Respect Project.  There are some students in your school who may be like Stewart.  They need your help to teach them about respect.


Think about the words to the rap.  You can show respect to your peers, teachers and family.

 How about respecting  your teacher by working on your punctuation, suffixes, capitalization and spelling.



  1. Tim and Moby are at it again!  Listen and learn as they talk about nouns and capital letters.
  2. Take the graded quiz.
  3. Email the quiz to your teacher
  4. Apply what you have learned.
  5. Take a break! You have been working hard.



  1. There are so many spelling rules.  The next website explains several of those rules. Read every rule.

  1. Make a word search with your spelling words.
  1. Print the word search.
  1. Apply what you have learned.
  1. Take a break! You have been working hard.



  1. Tim and Moby are at it again!  Listen and learn as they talk about nouns and capital letters.
  1. Take the graded quiz.
  1. Email the quiz to your teacher
  1. Apply what you have learned.
  1. Take a break! You have been working hard.

Your final assignment is very important.  Remember what you have learned about capitalization, spelling and punctuation.

Stewart still needs your help.  Your job is to write him a letter.  He needs for you to tell him what it means to show respect and why it is important for him to be respectful to his family, friends, and teachers.  He can not go to school and be disrespectful.  Help him to remember how he should treat others.

Use the picture below as an example of how to write a friendly letter.

    Friendly Letter

    1. Get a sheet of paper.
    2. Write a letter to Stewart about the importance of being respectful.  Give him some examples.  Remember how he behaved at the store with his mom.
    3. Read your letter when you are done.
    4. Look to see if you can Revise - add words to make it better, does it make sense.
    5. Edit your letter - look for punctuation, spelling, and capitalization mistakes.
    6. Rewrite the letter in your best handwriting.
    7. Turn the letter into your teacher. 


    Great Job!  Your WebQuest is complete.



    Quick Tip: Respect everyone even if they are different from from you. Throughout U.S. history, certain groups of people have been discriminated against (that means not respected) for characteristics as superficial as the color of their skin. That lack of respect is called racism and it still exists despite the passage of laws that make it illegal.