The majority of these questions in this web quest were written by the author of the book, The Bronze Dagger, Marie Sontag.  I have her permission to include them here.  Teachers of ancient history have waited a long time for an interesting story that would capture the interest of the middle school student.  This piece of literature does exactly that.  It infuses the curriculum with an experience the students can not find in the textbook.  

I have listed Dr. Sontag's websites on the resources page.  This web quest is a small portion of the information she has prepared for teachers.  Visit her site to obtain additional resources for the book, The Bronze Dagger; you won't be disappointed. 

I can't wait for the next book in the Ancient Elements trilogy, The Alabaster Jar!




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Mary Pat Vargas
I enjoy finding interesting ways to energize students about learning. I am the author of an Interact simulation, Lewis and Clark, and I am looking forward to using web quests.

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