During this webquest, you will take on the role of being a member of Hernan Cortes' crew.  You are to compose a diary describing your discoveries.  You must chose the role of being one of Hernan Cortes' crew or the role of being a religious leader that came along with Cortes. 

"Choose Your Destiny"

As a crew member, as discussed in class, you will be more interested in the Aztec's empire.  Your main goal is to conquer this new land.  As a religious leader, as discussed in class, you will be more interested in the Aztec's culture.  Your main goal is to convert the Aztecs to Christianity.

Both roles will also need to include details about the climate, wildlife, and the habitat of the New World.   Your diary will include at least one map as well as drawings of animals, plants, or people you may encounter. 

"Its a Jungle Out There"

Once all of your information is recorded, you will work with a classmate that is not playing the same role as you.  Crew members must work with religious leaders and religious leaders must work with crew members.  Together you will make two hypotheses about how the environment has influenced the Aztecs'.  One hypothesis for the effects on the Aztec's  empire and one hypothesis for the effects on the Aztecs' culture based on the findings of both you and your partner.