Step One:

In order to solve the Murder on Midway St. you will first begin by deciding and recording in your evidence books who will be what scientist. Once this decision has been made, you will each need to research what exactly you do! The four main types of Scientists are:

Entomologists : uses insect evidence to solve investigations

Serologists : use blood and body fluid evidence to solve investigations

Geneticists : use DNA evidence to solve investigations

Trace Specialists :use fingerprints and other trace evidence to solve investigations.

You will begin by...

Click on the link below to learn more about your specific field. Fill in your section of the corresponding investigation report with details about what your job will be and what you will be searching for.







Fingerprints  and Trace Evidence

Step Two:

You will each use the knowledge you gained about your field of science to evaluate the evidence and find out who done it! Carefully go over each piece of evidence and record your findings in your evidence book. Once each team member has gone over your set of evidence compare notes and conclude who you think is the culprit!

So here's what we know:

Early one morning Mrs. Worth arrives for morning duty and as usual walks down to the gym to wait on students to arrive. When she opens the door the first thing she sees is Mr. Magee sprawled on the new gym floor in a pool of blood! OH NO! As she rushes in to see if there is anything she can do to help him, she quickly sees she was just too late. Who could have done this horrible deed? How did it happen? What was the murder weapon? So many questions unanswered... We need to get to the bottom of this and quick before the students start to arrive!


The police are called, and they narrow down the list of suspects to the following three:

-Coach Williams

-Victoria Denson

-Romello Jones

The Clayton PD has made a profile sheet for each of the suspects that includes their blood type, DNA profile, fingerprints and  the clothes they were last seen wearing. It is now your job as the CSI's to investigate the scene and find all the evidence left by the culprit! Once you have collected evidence from each field, use your evidence and the profiles to figure out who's behind this dasterly deed! 

Here are the profiles:


Coach Williams (suspect #1)

-Blood Type A

-Whorl fingerprints

-DNA profile listed in figure below

-Last seen wearing a blue polo with khaki pants

Victoria Denson (suspect #2)     

-Blood Type O

-Tented Arch finger prints

-DNA profile listed in figure below

-Last seen wearing a yellow shirt with blue jeans


Romello Jones (suspect #3)

-Blood Type AB

-Right Loop fingerprints

-DNA profile listed in figure below

-Last seen wearing a black blazer with a red undershirt and blue jeans

At the scene:

-Blood containing type AB (the victim's blood) and blood with no antigens on the red blood cells.

-fingerprints shown below                          Samples of Fingerprint types:


-DNA as shown below marked as from Crime Scene


-Tiny blue fibers were found on the victims sweater and under his fingernails, most likely from the struggle.

Step Three:

Present your findings!

Your team will make a presentation detailing all aspects of your investigation. Each member will tell about their field and how they were able to analyze and discover where the evidence was pointing. The group as a whole will come to a single conclusion on who they believe the culprit really is. The group will present these findings in visual way using some form of multimedia. The group can make a Powerpoint presentation, poster, or some other visual representation of the evidence they found and what that piece of evidence did to help solve the investigation.  This will be due on the last day of the WebQuest along with the research guide and evidence books.

In your presentation be sure to include:

-Overview of the Crime

-Introduce suspects

-Explanation of each piece of evidence and how it is used to solve crimes

-Conclusion describing the perpetrator and why you think it is that person

-Pictures to demonstrate 


Also, include a short  paragraph explaining why you think this person did it. What was their motive?

Please check evaluation to see how you will be graded.