Get Ready to Learn and Don't Get Blown Away By Knowledge!


  1. First in your assigned groups, you will be asked to access Website #1 linked below.
  2. In your assigned groups, you will read about the different parts of a hurricane and the significance of each of the parts. 

* Each group will be assigned a different part of a hurricane.

*Make sure you can identify the main idea. 

3. When you are done reading about the different parts on the website. As a group you will take notes of what you learned. 

*Collaboratively as a group, we will construct a presentation on your assigned part of a hurricane. 



  1. Next, we will read Website #2 (linked below) informing us about:

What is a hurricane?

What are the causes of a hurricane?

and a series of other curious questions that we have all asked ourselves about. 

2. Collaboratively as a group, you will write a fictional story of how a hurricane forms, travels across the ocean, make landfall, the physical damage as if you were the hurricane. 

*This must be written in 1st person viewpoint. Your story must include factual/scientific elements and fictional elements.




  1.  Afterwards, you will read about the categories of Hurricanes using Website #3. 
  2. After reading about the different categories of hurricanes, you will research about hurricanes that has impacted North America from each category. 
  3. After you have researched all your information, as a group you will construct a chart of the different hurricanes including:

*Name, Year, Impacted area, wind speed, category, and a brief summary (3 sentences of the hurricane)


 Hurricane Categories




  1. Next I want you to explore Website #4 linked below about Hurricane Andrew .
  2. Make sure you look factual information about the hurricane, such as; what date it hit land, what were the estimated winds when it hit and the physical damage.
  3. Collaboratively as a group, we will make a 5 page power point of what you learned about Hurricane Andrew.
Hurricane Andrew