Step 1. You will be assigned to work in groups of 3 or 4. Each group will be assigned to locate and explore one continent.

Team 1. Asia

Team 2. Africa

Team 3. Australia

Team 4. Antarctica

Team 5. North America

Team 6. South America

Team 7. Europe

Step 2. You and your group will gather the following information about your continent and keep track in 5 x 7 index cards.

What is the size of the continent? How big is it?

How many countries are found on this continent?

What animals inhibit this continent?

What languages do people speak in this continent?

What is the population of this continent?

What kinds of people live there?

What is the weather like?

Name 2 famous places that you can visit

List 2 interesting facts that you found about the continent

Step 3.

 Use the following link to print and label your continent

Use the following links to answer you questions. Remember to record your questions in index cards, you will need this information for your poster!

Step 4. After you have recorded you answers in you index cards,

Make a poster representing your information and present to the class.  Be creative!