1.  Click here and then click the days to watch a chick grow in an egg.   Click here and then drag your mouse across the picture. Watch the changes in the egg.

2.  Make an animal chart. Pick five days out of the 21 days.  On the chart, draw and color the chick as it grows.  You may also print out pictures of growing chicks; cut them out and then paste them on the chart. Your teacher will give you this chart to use.



What happens on this day?

















3.  Click here and then drag your mouse across the picture to see a chick hatch. Write a paragraph telling about how a chick hatches. You may include pictures.

4.  Your teacher will break a fresh egg into a flat dish to help you name the main parts of an egg (white, chalaza, yolk, shell, germ spot, air cell).  Discuss this activity with your classmates. Print this diagram and label the main parts of a fresh chicken egg.

5.  Optional. Your teacher will tell you if you need to work on these pages.  Nursery Rhymes and children's stories include hens and chicks.  Read this rebus rhyme "Hickety, Pickety, My Black Hen"  and color this page for fun with chickens.

6.  Characteristics of chickens and chicks. Print out the table.  Complete the questions about the chickens.  Question 1 deals with animal characteristics and classification.  Question 2 asks you to list characteristics of the parents and the offspring.  Question 3 asks if you can identify the differences and similarities among multiple offspring of the animal parents.

The parents

The offspring


Animal Characteristics of the Chicken

Classify the Chicken

    Using the animal characteristics you described on the left,

Circle the correct classification of the chicken:

1.  Vertebrate  or Invertebrate

2.  Amphibian, bird, reptile, mammal or fish


Parent Physical Characteristics

Offspring Physical Characteristics

     Similar to Parents:

Different from Parents:


Offspring Physical Characteristics -- Similar to each other

All Offspring Physical Characteristics --  Different from each other