Growing up as a young girl, Laura began to keep a journal of all the different experiences she had growing up. As you begin reading the story you will need a spiral notebook to keep your journal entries in. After every three chapters you will be making a journal entry reflecting upon what you read and the experiences that the Ingall's family went through. The entry must be written in Laura’s point of view. In these entries you will include daily events and how you felt about them. Also in this journal you will be keeping the different tasks I have assigned to you for this project.


1. Before beginning Little House on the Prairie and completing your task I would like you to begin by starting off with a scavenger hunt for you to learn more about Laura and her family. A worksheet is provided for you to complete the scavenger hunt. Using one or more of the links below please answer all the questions listed on the worksheet. 

Laura Ingalls Wilder and Family Scavenger Hunt.docx 

2. The woods of Wisconsin were becoming too crowded and because of the Homestead Act that was issued in Kansas land was available for settling. The Wilder family decided to pack up their belongings and travel in a covered wagon to Kansas. As you can see in the picture below, covered wagons weren't very big so the selection of items was crucial. After exploring the website to the link below please list at least ten items you would find necessary to pack in your covered wagon and a brief description of why you selected these items in your journals. 


3. Throughout this book and others in the Little House Series, Laura refers to the nightly playings of Pa's Fiddle Music. It has became a tradition in their family that when they gather together Pa would play his fiddle while the family sits around the fire. This was a comfort to Mary and Laura as the years went on. In the link below there is a list of different songs that Pa would play on his fiddle for the family in the evenings. Listen to a few of these songs and select your favorite. Write in your journals why you selected this song and how it would comfort you. Also include a short paragraph of a family tradition that is in your family that is comforting to you.



4. Once arriving in Kansas the Wilder family settled on land that was considered to be Osage Indian Territory right outside the town of Independence, KS. This is where the family built their house. In the link below there is a short video of the area in which the Wilder's settled. Please watch the video to get a sense of the buildings and town.  Once you have watched the video there is an official website with pictures of inside the Wilder home and school. Explore the website of the Wilder home and school the girls attended and in your journals write a letter, acting as if you are Laura, to her grandparents back in Wisconsin describing the house and school.  


5. Back in the Pioneer Days children didn't have video games, television, or computers to keep them entertained. Most of Laura and Mary's time was spent helping with chores or playing outside. Listed below are three links that describe what the pioneer children did for fun. After reviewing one or more of the links write about three activities in your journal you think would keep you entertained if you lived in the pioneer times. 



6. The Wilder family settled in Osage Indian Territory so on occasion they had encounters with the Indians. In the beginning Laura couldn't wait to meet an Indian but when the time occurred she was frightened. The Wilder family didn't know what to expect about how the Indians would behave or what their customs were when they settled in the territory. From the following websites, gather information about the Osage Indians including where they lived, what their lifestyle was like, customs, and any other interesting facts you find. Record these facts in your journals. 


7. During the early pioneer days many different illnesses/diseases were common on the prairie. The pioneers weren't fortunate enough to have hospitals and doctors who knew a lot about the information. Using the following site select a disease that was present in the early pioneer days and research it. Include all the information found in your journals.