After Chapters 1 and 2

By now you should have completed chapters 1-2 and you should be ready to complete your first journal entry. Click on the link below and type out your response to the journal prompt. Type it out and make sure to print it before coming to class tomorrow so we can discuss our responses. Don't forget to check for correct spelling and punctuation!

Journal entry 1.doc

After Chapter 3

In chapter 3 Anne Marie explains that electricity was "rationed." Rationed means a limited amount of something; for example, in 1945 electricity was limited in Copenhagen. Electricity wasn't the only thing that was rationed. Many things such as rubber, leather, tin and food were also rationed during World War 2! Click on this link below to complete this activity on food rationing.

Don't forget to complete your second journal entry!

Journal Entry 2.doc

After Chapter 5

Symbols in Number the Stars

In Number the Stars there are many symbols that represent different people. Here are a few:

 Please read about the symbolism of the Star of David at the link below:

 Please read about the symbolism of the swastika at the link below:


Please think about yourself and characteristics you have that are important to you. Create a symbol on a piece of paper that represents those characteristics and include a paragraph that explains your symbol. Be creative!!!


After Chapter 7 

Today we will be creating a map of Denmark, Sweden and Germany in marker. First, I want you to read about the history of Denmark by clicking on the link below.

Wasn't that interesting? Okay, now it's time to create your map using marker! When creating your map make sure to include and label:

Here are a few pictures of Denmark to help you create your map! Feel free to surf the internet for better pictures if you wish!

I realize this second picture is not in English but it shows where Gilleleje is located, just North of Copenhagen!

When you finish your map, put it into your reading folder please!

No journal entry today!


After Chapter 10

After reading through the definitions of the types of government, what type of government do you think the Nazis belonged to in Number the Stars? Jot down your thoughts in your journal entry here:

Journal Entry 3.doc

After Chapter 15

We have completed chapters 13-15 and Anne Marie had to say goodbye to her best friend Ellen who was planning to flee to Sweden with her parents to avoid getting relocated. Write a friendly letter from one friend to the other. You could be Anne Marie writing to Ellen or Ellen writing to Anne Marie, it's your choice. Friendly letters are review but make sure you include all 5 parts of the letter! (Header, salutation, body, closing and signature) Also the letter must be at least 200 words! Make sure to have a second person edit your letter before you print it and put it in your reading folder.

friendly letter.doc

Also, don't forget to go complete your journal entry!

Journal Entry 4.doc






After the Book

As of today we have finished Number the Stars and it is time to start thinking about the different themes of the book and what your overall thought of the story was. To help organize your thoughts, please fill out this story map to sequence the important events in the story. Once you have completed the story map, print it out and put it into your reading folder.


Also don't forget to write in your journal!

Journal Entry 5.doc

Final Projects

Final Draft.doc

Project  Ideas


It is now time for you to also choose a final project idea for the end of your unit. You will have time in class to work on your projects  before you present them in front of the class. Your choices are:

Lois Lowry


To find out more about Lois Lowry, the author of Number the Stars, click on the links below.