First of all, lets go back in time and look at the founding of our nation. You will need to research the beliefs of the Federalists and Anti-Federalists. In a note taking app of your choice, record the following information and email it to me: 

         a. What were 3 main issues that  divided the anti-federalists and the                         federalists?

         b. What was the purpose of The Federalist Papers and who wrote them?

         c. What did the Federalists believe in regards to the 3 issues you chose?

         d. What did the Anti-Federalists believe about the same three issues?

         e. After researching the original two parties, which party do you think you would have identified with? Why?

Alright, now that you have some foundation to work from, we will dig into today's issues. Record your answers to the following questions in another note taking app and email them to me:

a.  Look at the Republican and Democrat websites: Republican Website, Democratic Website. Based on the information, which party do you think stemmed from the Anti-Federalists? The Federalists?

b.  What are three big issues that divide today's parties?

c.   In regards to those issues, what do Republicans believe and what do Democrats believe?

d.  What do the three issues of today have in common with the issues that divided the original founders?

It’s now time to develop your own opinion. Choose one of the current issues that you researched, and begin to prepare your argument. Make note of the following in a Word document and then email it to me:

a.  What is the issue you chose?

b.  What do YOU believe is the best stance on the issue?

You can now start a rough draft of your letter using Word. Your letter must include the following:

a.  Introduction of the topic

b.  Brief history of the topic.

c.   Identify what you believe about this issue, and why. You are only to use academic arguments.

d.  Make sure to include the opposing viewpoint and why you believe it to be incorrect.

e.  If you can, connect the controversial issue to one of the issues surrounding the founding of our nation.

f.    Express your thanks for taking the time to read your letter

When you are finished print two copies of your letter to have two of your classmates read and edit. Once they have edited your paper, make the necessary corrections in Word, print the letter, and bring it to me. 

After I approve your rough draft and you make the necessary corrections, you will need to type your final draft in Word. Email me a copy and also print a copy.

I will have envelopes and stamps for those of you who want to send them off!