by Betsy Griffin, Roland Park Country School

Modified by Amy Morgan, Discovery Canyon Campus

After reading Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown, aloud in class, second graders will send their own Flat Stanley to different countries around the world. While Flat Stanley is exploring the world through mail, children will use this WebQuest to learn about the many countries and cultures of the world. Following students' investigations, and in order to summarize what students have learned about their assigned country, a brochure or poster will be created and presented to the class.


You're invited to a worldwide adventure with Flat Stanley!


Who: All adventure seeking second graders

What: A trip of a lifetime exploring different countries and cultures around the world

Where: In the technology lab

When: Over the next few weeks

Why: We enjoyed reading about Flat Stanley's adventures around the world. Now it's our turn to travel and learn about new countries and cultures.

How: While Flat Stanley is out exploring the world, we will do our own investigation of different countries using this WebQuest to explore what life is like for people who live in different countries. Along the way, we will be utilizing new geographic terms such as, equator, hemispheres, and globes along with relying on our prior knowledge of map keys and directions. In order to summarize and share our new learning of the culture researched, each pair will create a poster or brochure to present to the class.

Contact Mrs. Morgan if you get lost along the way!