#1 Mapping

 In this process you will using the link provided to draw out on a map where the Oregon Trail was.  First, print off the worksheet labeled Oregon Trail Map. Next, click on the link below and fill out the worksheet using the map provided. This is important so that you will truly understand the land that was crossed to go west.

Oregon Trail Link

Oregon Trail Map

Extra Video


#2 Research

Now that you know what states and the path that the Oregon Trail covered, it's time to start researching different encounters and hardships the pioneers faced along the way. 

In the following lists of websites, you and your partner will choose 3 of the 5 to use. Each site provides great detailed information that will help you get a feel for what the pioneers faced. The landscape and weather changed, sickness was common, food was sparse, and survival within families and groups was strenuous. From each website, I want you and your partner to write down in the provided worksheet labeled Research, five interesting facts about the Oregon Trial that you learned, along with completing the worksheet.


Website #1 

Website #2 

Website #3 

Website #4 

Website #5 







 #3 Final Project

For your final project you and your partner will get to show your creative side. You may create a picture, poem, drawing or write a journal piece expressing and reflecting on your journey.  Make sure that in which ever option you choose you will be able to explain the feelings, and events that took place.  This should be a summary of your overall knowledge and experience as a pioneer.  This should be a reflection of what you and your partner discovered during the WebQuest.