by Lee Ann Konstantnov
Pamela McKay

This web quest was designed to teach 5th grade students the definition of sustainability and how they can participate in maintaining the quality of the earth, while helping others in the process.


Sustainability: What you can do to help

Sustainability is the ability to maintain our earth to ensure a healthy present and future for all.
It can be viewed as sharing resources with others who aren't as fortunate, picking up trash and recycling, or becoming aware of changes in our climate and their causes.
Sustainability is important for the resources of the planet to be able to keep producing and maintaining for the needs of man.
You have been chosen as an explorer in this web quest adventure to discover the difference one kid can make to improve life on earth for others.

You will explore and discover what you can do to make a positive difference on this planet.

After completing this web quest, you will see how easy it is even one kid to take an idea and put it in motion.

"Our kids are drilling water wells in Africa, helping orphans in India and building homes in Haiti. They are recycling and cleaning up their neighborhoods, helping their local animal shelters and making life better for their neighbors. And guess what? They are ALL just like YOU!!!", (Kids are heros, 2013).