by Brittany Neal, Kenna Elementary School

Modified by Maria Brookens

This webquest is designed to enable students to discover qualities that make someone a good leader. Students will work in groups and will use the provided links to define leadership and list qualities of an effective leader. They will then research an assigned person, discovering what leadership qualities the person has (along with evidence to prove that they have those qualities) and creating a "campaign commercial" showcasing the leadership qualities of this person.


Who is a person you look up to as a great leader? It might be someone you know personally or a famous public figure in the past or current time. What leadership traits do you admire in this person?

What qualities make someone a good, effective leader?

Learning how to be a good leader is an important life skill. Without effective leaders, companies, movements, and even societies would fall into utter chaos. 

A good President must have many good leadership traits.

Four notable public figures are running for president of the United States. But which would make the best leader? You decide!