by Zuleyne Gil


This Web Quest has been designed for seventh grade students. The students will be taking a virtual field trip where they will learn about Ireland's culture; history; religion; and education system. To assess the students on what they have learned and discovered, the student will write

a one page reflection.


Focus Question: Name at least one aspect of Ireland's educational system

you would like to see implemented with the United States educational


This Webquest has been created by Zuleyne Gil, Brittney Ward, &

Daphne St. Louis




It has been said that everybody is a little bit Irish. All of us delight in the charm of the Irish people. We grew up on Irish folktales about fairies and leprechauns. We feel comfortable when we visit, almost as if we'd been there before. And the Irish are glad we are. They are serious about the slogan used by their tourist trade: Cead Mile Failte-- "A hundred

thousand welcomes."


You are going on a trip to Ireland. During your journey, you will seek out

information concerning Ireland's culture, history, and religion. You will also

learn about Ireland’s education system. You will complete a travel journal

based on your findings and write a one page reflection answering a focus question.


Boys & Girls, make sure you fasten your seat-belts! We are cleared for take-off

to the Emerald Isle, Ireland.