Keep your eyes open and look for professional characteristics to list. 

Visit the Texas Board of Nursing (TBON) website.  

1.  From theTBON website locate the 'Practice' tab. Follow the link and locate each of the following BON Position Statements:

15.14 Duty of a Nurse in Any Practice Setting

15.17 TBON/Board of Pharmacy Joint Position Statement: Medication Errors

15.28 The RN Scope of Practice 

2.  Open the position statements -- don't just read the descriptive summary.  Review each position statement.

3. Create a list professional characteristics of nurses based on the information you find on the sites.  

The website The Truth about Nursing  concentrates on nursing image. And here is a link to the most recent Gallup Poll of trusted professionals. 

1. Explore the website.  Look at several of the examples of media portrayal of the nursing profession.  You will find both positive and negative examples so keep both in mind as you complete this quest.