by Sally Graham, Arapahoe High School

A forensics team has landed on the island depicted in the book LORD OF THE FLIES by William Golding just following the book's ending. The team will formulate an hypothesis concerning the events on the island. Their goal is to produce a report which will be presented to an investigative committee (the remaining students in the classroom). They will be prepared to present their hypothesis and present evidence which proves or disproves it.

Teacher Introduction

William Goldring's book The Lord of the Flies examines human behavior in an exotic setting using pre-adolescent boys as the fertile soil for conflict and evolution.  The events in the book are troubling as readers find themselves identifying with both the exemplary personality characteristics of the boys stranded on the island as well as the baser, destructive characteristics that develop out of trying circumstances.

This webquest attempts to help students understand how circumstances can affect even the most stable of individuals.  It encourages students to examine the events on the island from an investigative perspective.  Group communication as well as individual skills are used to create an effective persuasive presentation.  The project taps into and seeks to develop the following skills; research, group analysis; artistic gifts; verbal gifts; and cooperation.