Your team of investigators will testify in front of a Government-appointed Committee of Inquiry.  It will be your team's responsibility to present evidence of the events which occured on the island including the circumstances surrounding one particular boy assigned to your team.  You will formulate an hypothesis involving the events on the island and seek to prove or disprove it using the assigned roles listed below.

         Ralph          Jack          Piggy        

                  Simon          Roger        Sam-n-Eric

Each team will investigate that boy's culpability for the events on the island and / or his vulnerability.  Each team member will choose one of the following roles in the investigative process.  


   -  Crime Scene Investigator:  Collect and record evidence that indicate your subject's culpability or innocence concerning the events on the island.

   -  Topographer: Create a map of the island and record locations of significant events as they pertain to your subject.

   -  Psychologist: Analyze the personality type of the boy being studied with possible  recommendations for future treatment or punishment of those inolved.  Supervise a recreation of one significant event on the island as it affected your subject.  This can be on video, live action, or puppets.

   -  Team leader: Create a timeline for the events on the island that are significant for your boy. Assemble information from your team members for a presentation (Power Point or other).