by Rebecca Kreider, Mount Olive Middle School

This Webquest challenges the students to design a landscaped backyard, using geometry, budgeting, and other math skills


You are a developer and just built the most AMAZING house in the world!  The problem is the backyard is a DISASTER because the construction team left it looking like a dirt parking lot.  No trees, no grass, not even a weed! 

This Webquest will challenge you to plan, design, create, and price a dynamic landscape for your backyard.  In groups of two, you will be given a budget, a list of requirements, and a calculator and you will deliver:

You will use addition, subtraction, square roots, multiplication, geometry, algebra, scale, spatial relations, team work, negotiation skills, and presentation skills to complete the Webquest. 

The new math skills that are incorporated are measurement, geometry, inscribed, concentric and compound figures, algebra, price per square foot, and scale.

Sounds easy, right?  Let's move on . .

As with all Dynamic Math Webquests, please use your creativity and problem solving skills AND those of your teammates.  Only after you have pondered, reviewed, discussed, struggled, looked at the question from all angles, and are teetering on the brink of frustration, should you approach the teacher for direction.  Use your best judgment and be confident!

There are no "right answers" just great thinking!