Once you have chosen the career you want to research, write it down at the top of your Web paper in your purple folder.  

Then take out one of your Note Taking Sheets from your purple folder and choose at least 3 of the sites below to research your career.  Use a New Note Taking sheet for each different site. 

Georgia Career Information Center

McGraw Hill's College and Career Readiness Center

Georgia College 411

Bureau of Labor Statistics

School to Careers







Now it is time to put all your Notes together into a cool Power Point about your career!

You will need to create a Power Point with at least 7 slides.  They should be titled:

Save your work on our One Drive account so that your teacher can see it.

Remember that you will have to stand up in front of your class and explain what is on your slides.  Make sure that you know what your slides say and can answer questions about the information you present.