This WebQuest will take you through the process of researching a potential career for you.  You will complete the following steps:


  1. Take an interest assessment ... select three potential careers based on the results.
  2. Choose a career to research.
  3. Use the Project Web and rubric that is in your career folder to start your research.
  4. Produce a power point explaining aspects of your career as outlined in your Project Web
  5. Present this power point to your class and teacher for a grade.  


The goal for your career portfolio is to use the research process to learn what you like and how to match that into a potential career one day. You may discover that you do not like the career you have chosen for various reasons.  That's OK!  As long as you are thinking about your future and know how to find the information you need. You are on the right track to a successful future!


Let's get started by taking your interest assessment at the My Next Move site.  Click here http://www.mynextmove.org/