by Jb Hammy

The students have been learning about America and important Americans from discovery by Columbus, to colonization in Jamestown, to our first President, through a civil war and leading up to the first World War. We've learned about many famous Americans and their different ideologies and personalities. I want the students to assume the roles of certain individuals. The famous Americans will be placed in modern day America, in a sort of Real World/Big Brother scenario. These individuals will be grouped together in houses, and I want the students to write a short story of what their living situation would be like based off of historical facts, historical records, and their own imagination.


  This webquest is designed for students (grades 4-6) who are learning about the history of America. This web quest spans many centuries of American growth. There are many notable historical figures from Columbus to George Washington to Jefferson Davis and U.S. Grant. During this period to be American really only applied to those who were white. The Native Americans and African slaves were considered less superior and thus given less protection and Constitutional rights. Squanto, Pocahontas, Dred Scott, and Nat Turner are some notable Americans of color who played a vital part in shaping America. 

The students will be split into groups of 3 or 4 and assigned famous Americans. The catch is that these groups of Americans will be forced to live in a house together for a month. The students must research their assigned American from the websites listed and then work together to compose a short story based off of what they think it would be like to live for these "dynamic" Americans to share a house and bathrooms together. It's suppose to be fun, creative, and based on historical records. For example one house might contain: Jefferson Davis, Nat Turner, and George Washington.