Use these websites to research your American figure:

  Now the class will be split into groups based off of the house list I have assigned. Once split into groups introduce your historical figures to each other. Tell your fellow group members about your American and after every person has informed their group about their American it's time to get creative!! Now work on the introduction where you will list a few relevant facts about each famous American living in the house. What makes this person historical. Was it military victory, or morality, or their patriotism? After this get to work on what y'all think it would be like for your Americans to meet each other and live together for the next month. The last half page or so should be a farewell. Did your roommates all get along? Do you think any of them will try and keep in touch? Did any who were antagonistic at first eventually get along? Have fun and be creative!

  Go to Google Documents, ,to start writing your final draft. Remember it needs to be at least 5 total pages, double spaced, size 12 font, and a group effort. Work together, listen to each other's ideas and try and include them all. As long as you each research your American and meet the required length there is no right or wrong answer to this short story. It's totally up to y'all to envision how Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin would get along. Maybe Jefferson and Franklin would socialize together, they both liked the ladies, while Lincoln cleaned up after their mess (just like he did when the South seceded).